Ultimate Travel Gear Bag!

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    WOW. Just WOW.

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    Are u taking the iPad Air and MBP 13 m1 because they are faster or because there lighter for your trip

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    So organized 🙌
    Have a safe trip!!!

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    Wouldn’t I look like a geek when someone sees what’s inside

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    I love you so much Jus you are the Queen of Electronics and the last word in devices also very pretty like a Princess and super fun thats why Im your fan since the Cheeseburger video ! Amazing gear wow with all these amazing sweet gear you could travel to Mars and use all this equipment there :) also bring Matt with you haha ! Thanks for this super cool video ! Love you !

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    I'm having a flashback to my days as bellman with the church ladies and their hat boxes and steamer trunks for a weekend stay.

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    supposing the bag gets lost , the founder becomes a millionaire as he / she is using Ijustine's :-) :-)

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    It's great

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    Justine you can't take all your main gear on a single trip. What if you lose your bag or it gets stolen or something. Dude that's scary. Imagine having no iJustine videos for 2 weeks cause she lost her gear. We would die 💀💀💀!

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    so which pelican case is in the video 1650 or 1615?

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    Arius Berry

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    Arius Berry

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